Every deer hunter worth their blaze orange knows the importance of choosing the right stand location. They factor in wind direction, food sources, bedding areas, trails and countless other variables to isolate the perfect patch of ground to ambush their buck. Then they blow it on opening morning by not putting any thought into how they get to and from that stand.

That’s according to big game guide, television host and Federal brand ambassador Mike Stroff.

“What about how to get to your stand without spooking everything, or letting everything in the woods know you’re coming in?” he says. “It’s really easy to mess that up and a lot of guys just think past that.”

Stroff stresses that every hunter needs to consider the same factors that played into selecting their stand site when they plan their entry and exit routes. He recommends a path that takes hunters out of sight and earshot of bedding areas, as well as one that doesn’t push human scent toward them.

“You can clear a whole wood block and not even know you spooked a deer,” Stroff warns, explaining that a single spooked doe can shut down the activity of big bucks that might not have even detected you themselves.

“A lot of times the wind might be perfect for your stand, but it’s all wrong for how you’re getting into the stand, so they wind you anyway and the hunt’s over,” he says.

Take these factors into consideration, and you’ll notch more tags this season.