Although it was originally developed specifically for deer, Fusion® technology has transformed all hunting—whether you pursue whitetails or coyotes; elk or bears. The construction process electrochemically fuses the bullet jacket to the core for best-in-class expansion and weight retention.

Fusion Handgun

Fusion Handgun features the same molecularly fused bullet construction as its rifle counterparts for the toughness, accuracy and terminal performance short-barrel hunters need. The loads’ bullet weights and velocities have also been optimized to be lethal on deer without punishing the shooter.

Fusion MSR

The modern sporting rifle isn’t just some gun. It’s a highly adapted hunting machine, and it needs ammunition that’s just as customized: Fusion MSR. From primer to projectile, virtually every component is optimized for use in modern sporting rifles and peak ballistic performance through short barrels.

Fusion Rifle

Before Fusion, there was a big gap in performance between economical and Premium® loads available to deer hunters. But Fusion is affordable and can be counted on without fail. No other bullet in its class is as tough, accurate or lethal.


Fusion technology has been programmed and designed for the die-hard hunter. It’s radically different, radiates energy, empowers the predator and unleashes performance. It brings the most dedicated hunters unbelievable toughness and accuracy at an unbeatable price.

A. Skived tip provides long-range expansion potential plus short-range toughness
B. Pressure-formed core achieves a combination of expansion and strength never before available in a deer bullet
C. Molecularly-fused jacket virtually eliminates component separation, while uniform deposition builds balance, stability and accuracy
D. Optimized boat-tail profile boosts aerodynamic efficiency for extreme accuracy

Gelatin shot with 165-grain 30-06 Sprg. Fusion (F3006FS2) from a Kimber 84L at 100 yards. 16.75 inches of penetration.