Federal Premium



Every product that bears the Federal Premium® name starts with a vision to redefine what’s possible. Our many exclusive technologies turn that goal into reality with the support of the industry’s best components, most skilled craftsmen, and the tightest quality standards.


Challenge your skills. Test your nerves. Our varmint line includes some of the most accurate, explosive, fragmenting bullets available for prairie dogs, coyotes and other vermin. Bullet styles include Nosler® Ballistic Tip® and Speer® TNT Green®.


Designed for the world's largest and most dangerous game. Bullet styles include Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw®, Trophy Bonded® Sledgehammer® Solid, Swift® A-Frame® and Woodleigh™ Hydro Solid.

Gold Medal

Built for competition. Our Gold Medal® rifle loads feature the best match bullets from Sierra® and Berger®. Combined with the best components and loaded to the tightest tolerances, they create the most accurate ammunition available.

Gold Medal

Precision-crafted for everything from punching paper to intense competition—if you're a match shooter, this is your line.

Premium Personal Defense

Protect your home and family with the most effective and reliable ammunition on the market. Available in standard and low recoil offerings, with HST®, Hydra-Shok® and Hydra-Shok Deep™.


All Wing-Shok® upland loads feature Premium lead shot and the best components. Select boxes feature the Pheasants Forever logo, indicating a portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to the conservation organization.

Gold Medal

Target loads for all your trap, skeet and sporting clays needs. With technologies that hit clays harder, yet produce less felt recoil, no other shotshell comes close to the consistency of Gold Medal Grand™. Available in paper and plastic hulls.

Vital-Shok Slug

Our top-quality shotshell hunting line features the most accurate loads available for both smoothbore and rifled-barrel hunters. Options include Trophy® Copper and TruBall®.

Vital-Shok Buckshot

Buckshot can get dismissed as the stuff of simple scatterguns, but we engineer these shotshells to provide the same precision performance as all our other loads. Whatever payload you choose, you’ll get tight patterns and great downrange energy.

Premium Personal Defense Buckshot

Protect yourself and your family if the unthinkable happens. Our variety of reliable buckshot loads use specialized payloads to produce patterns and penetration optimized to meet the unique needs of self-defense situations.


If you hunt varmints with a rimfire rifle, extract maximum range and power from the platform with V-Shok® loads. They provide superior accuracy, the utmost dependability and explosive performance on impact with 17 HMR and 22 Win. Mag.

Gold Medal

Shoot at the highest levels of rimfire competition with Gold Medal. The rounds are built with precision bullets and ultra-tight tolerances that ensure peak performance and consistency.


Federal Premium ammunition is loaded with the industry’s finest brass, and we provide those same cases to handloaders. They're built to exacting specifications and offer extreme consistency.

Gold Medal Primers

Reliable. Trusted. Proven. Gold Medal primers are the best in the industry—providing optimum ignition for match shooters worldwide.

Trophy Copper Muzzleloading Bullet

Get 200-yard accuracy with this one-of-its kind bullet design and the B.O.R. Lock MZ™ System that empowers it.