New Shooters

You've bought your first firearm—now what? Check out this informative crash course in shooting and ammunition fundamentals.


Understanding the basic terms, techniques and skills of shooters will let you make informed decisions and put yourself on the fast track to fun—whether you want to go plinking with friends, test your marksmanship or chase a trophy.


Handguns are one of the most exciting and versatile classes of firearms, and they're used for everything from personal defense and target shooting to hunting. Get the most from handguns by learning shooting fundamentals, ammunition differences and much more.


At the range, in the field or beyond, rifles are a diverse and highly practical class of firearms. Whether you want to shoot a modern sporting rifle at targets or put a classic bolt-action to work for hunting big game, you need to master the basics first.


Breaking clay targets, wingshooting gamebirds, launching slugs at big game, protecting your home—there's almost no limit to what a shotgun paired with the right ammunition can do. But to maximize their potential, shooters need to do their part.